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Sex Positions - The Mare


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The reputation of the courtesan of the land of Andra is firmly established. She is said to make love with consummate artistry. It is also said that, unlike the mare, it is she who climbs astride her male.

And when the lover is well in hand, tamed, saturated with caresses, she seizes his lingam. Deep inside her yoni, she squeezes it, strangles it: it is the blow of a mare. Men would like to own her.

Women, too, and among them good wives who seek to perfect themselves in the art of love. But the courtesan of the land of Andra is not for sale.

She is already rich enough. Today she is said not to have a lover. And all her love goes to Babu, her elephant.

When her passion has ebbed,
she should rest, bending forward to lay
her forehead upon yours
without disturbing your yoked bodies:
it won't be long before desire stirs again.

Catching your penis, the lady
with dark eyes like upturned lotus petals
guides it into her yoni,
clings to you and shakes her buttocks:
this is Charunarikshita (Lovely Lady in Control).

Enthroned on your penis,
she places both hands on the bed
and makes love, while you
press your two hands to her thudding heart:
this is Lilasana (Seat of Sport).

She sits upright upon you,
her head thrown back like a rearing mare,
bringing her feet together
on the bed to one side of your body:
this is Hansabandha (the Swan).

The young woman has one foot
on your heart and the other on the bed.
Bold, saucy women adore this posture,
which is known to the world
as Upavitika (the Sacred thread).

If, with one of her feet
clasped in your hand
and the second placed upon your shoulder,
your young lady enjoys you,
it is Viparitaka (Reversed).